Monuments and markers

We carry a complete line of monuments and markers.  We use only the finest granites from the United States, Canada, India  and Africa. Your memorial stone will be custom designed for you by one of our experienced staff here at Love Funeral Home & Monuments.

A memorial from Love Funeral Home & Monuments is truly a work of art, not some standard design you may see on some other stones.  With personalization such a big part of our society today, we feel our monuments with individual hand etched scenes offer lasting beauty for years, and for generations to come to enjoy.

Whatever the amount you wish to spend, our experience can help you choose correctly and sensibly a memorial that will represent full value for your investment.

When the time comes to select a memorial we hope you will withhold your decision until we have been privileged to discuss your memorial plan with you. Just as we have served thousands of others families in this area, we believe sincerely we can serve you with dignity – with the very finest memorial craftsmanship – and at the most reasonable cost.

If you wish, please feel free to phone us and we will be glad to talk with you at your home or our offices.

Granite colors

Shown below are several examples of commonly seen granite colors in most cemeteries, however this does not represent but a few of the hundreds of colors available.

Bahama Blue


Blue Pearl

Cardinal Red



Cherry Wood

China Pink

Colonial Rose

Goldstar Black


India Red

Jet Black


Mountain Rose

Mist Black